I was raised well and right—
kind, loving, and bright—
but I do not glow
nor drink in light,
for this world I know
teems with walking plight—
preying on silent sighs
cracking loony smiles,
leaking crimson through
pearl bones baring
unfathomable truths

One lesson I’ve learned
from this congested city
is to remain optimistic
Bathe in the cold
that is the shoulder turned
Keep your eyes wide
so they dry faster when burned
and your cheeks glisten like
the dance of water’s reflection

Seethe with laughter
under our calm,
cratered companion
Bleed placid volumes
of heightened reality
and inject the poison
of furrowed brows and
whimpering pleas into
every failed attempt
at hiding your shadows cast
by the foreboding full moon
Be what’s been shining
towards a better you